Predators Stalk Haiti’s Kids

by duncanr

‘Disasters’, whether ‘natural’, e.g., tsunami, earthquake, or ‘man-made’, e.g., wars, often bring out the best in people.

Many folk give generously of their time and money to assist the relief effort in whatever way they can.

It’s heartwarming to see people so ready to respond to the need of strangers in a distant part of the world. For an auld cynic like me it almost encourages me to believe in the inherent goodness of people. But then . . . .

I read reports like this (click here)


3 Comments to “Predators Stalk Haiti’s Kids”

  1. Unfortunately this is a sad fact of life. These kids are starving at the moment, they will do anything for a crumb of bread – and there are bastards all over the world who take advantage of the situation.

    We have the street kids over here – these are kids who have run away from their homes because of abuse. They get addicted to glue sniffing (because it makes them forget about everything around them), and then you get the monsters who abuse them, and buy them more glue so they can be abused again … such a vicious circle!

    It’s something that will never be able to be stopped, there will always be evil around us! 😦


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