Ozzies prefer XXXX to a FxxK

by duncanr

AUSTRALIANS’ love affair with grog is so great they’d rather give up sex, their car and their friends than lay off the bottle for a month.

That’s the result of a poll that questioned 1006 drinkers aged between 20 and 69, from all states and territories

Read more here . . .

Hhmm, I’m tempted – but I’m saying nothing about what this finding suggests about the ‘Sheilas’ 😆

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17 Comments to “Ozzies prefer XXXX to a FxxK”

  1. SOMEONE is feeling verrrry, verrry brave today! 😆


  2. someone’s got it out for Ozzies lately.


  3. Just cos Murray got humiliated, Auz-baiting is on…


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