Sarah Palin Fail

by duncanr

Here’s the thing.

If you’re going to slag off the President of the USA for using a teleprompter when delivering a speech, your criticism will carry more weight if you don’t need to employ one yourself.

And if you have delusions of grandeur and have ambitions to be President yourself, while a lot of other folk think you are an intellectual weakling barely able to string a coherent sentence together then you will do nothing to disabuse them of that opinion if you need to write notes on your palm like a schoolgirl cheating in an exam.

And doubts about your intelligence will only be reinforced if you are stupid enough to think the cameras won’t pick up your childish subterfuge

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4 Comments to “Sarah Palin Fail”

  1. There are far too many big words in this post, for me to leave a comment.

    ‘Cept for to say, I’d give her one.


  2. If I had the instructions written down on my hand, I wouldn’t have a need of Sarah Palin.

    Or Angelina Jolie, or Eddie Izzard!


  3. It looked like a swastika to me 😉


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