Semen : the Facts

by duncanr

Ever wondered how long sperm can live inside a woman?

How many calories in a teaspoonful of semen (useful information for those of you on calorie-controlled diets !!!) ?

The average speed of semen at moment of ejaculation?

The world record for the furthest ‘splooge’ ?

The answers to these questions, and other useful nuggets of information about semen -and reason to be thankful if you’re a bloke that you don’t live in Papua New Guinea – can be found by Clicking link below –


11 Comments to “Semen : the Facts”

  1. I’d like to commend you for the use of “ejaculate” as one of the tags for this post.


  2. speaking of big words, huh!

    so, Duncan.. I can’t imagine what prompted you to pick this topic but I am now considerably enlightened!
    I may have to try the taste test.. I never realized or contemplated a taste difference based on diet.


  3. I thought semen were sailors.


  4. I would really love to know WHO measured the world’s furthest ‘splooge’ (that’s a new word for me, although I had NO problem understanding EXACTLY what it meant!) … but even more interestingly … I’d just like to know WHY it was so important to measure this? It’s not like it has any scientific value or anything?

    The things that men play with!!! 🙄


  5. hi iam tyina is nice to meet you all


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