Beware – O.A.P’s

by duncanr

Triple black belt holder, Kevin Garwood, 61, is running classes to teach pensioners how to defend themselves from attack using an NHS walking stick.

His classes have proved popular and one auld biddy has already put his lessons to good use.

When two would be bag snatchers approached one 74-year-old woman in Yarmouth, she used her stick to crack one across the eyes and the other on the shoulder. The two yobs then ran off empty-handed.

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You know, I’m not so sure this is altogether a good move. Jeez, the streets are dangerous enough with youths armed with knifes and guns – now us middle-aged folk will have to watch out for bloody pensioners hanging around in gangs outside the bingo ready to assault anyone who disrespects them with their bloody walking sticks 🙄

5 Comments to “Beware – O.A.P’s”

  1. I often used to waggle my stick at the young whippersnappers as they rode their bicycles on the pavement.

    Ah! Those were the days.

    Now, I find that trying to waggle my zimmer frame at them results in me just falling arse over tit.


  2. My mum is 83 and would stand up to Goliath. I kid you not. She may be old but that spirit inside her never changes.
    People only age on the outside and that’s a good thing.
    She’s sharp as a whip and you can’t put ANYTHING over her.
    She’d run you over with her scooter so when you see and old women with blood on her basket you’ll know someone tackled her.


  3. I think it could only be a good thing if the streets were filled with vigilante pensioners – think Michael Caine in Harry Brown – who take down the troublesome youth of these days.

    Viva la revolution.


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