U,D,F,C,K,E – spells . . .

by duncanr

Contestants on the TV show “Countdown” spared the programme makers blushes by opting for “safe” 5-letter words rather than offering the rather obvious “rude” 6-letter word.

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3 Comments to “U,D,F,C,K,E – spells . . .”

  1. ARGHHH! – The dreaded F-word


    It’s an absolute disgrace; I’m writing to The Daily Wail about this erosion of decent British family values on television. You can bet your bum that immigrants and benefit cheats are behind it.

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  2. I’ll raise you a black-on-black knife crime, a “You couldn’t make it up” and a BUPA ad.

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  3. I’ll see your stuff and raise you an ‘Angry of Surbiton’ and a Conservative Government.

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