Wasn’t expecting that !!!

by duncanr

A water aerobics class in Darwin was postponed when an uninvited guest entered the pool.

When attendants went down to prepare the pool before the class commenced, they found a croc swimming in the water.

A spokesperson said –

‘none of the women were keen to start the class at the scheduled time’

Wimps !!!

Betcha Loon wouldn’t have been scared by an itsy bitsy croc 😉

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3 Comments to “Wasn’t expecting that !!!”

  1. she’d have cluubed it to death with an empty wine bottle, skinned it and made a handbag of the result!


  2. Whoosies … it’ll only be a little nip!


  3. Too right, you should see what I swim with 🙂 . That would barely give you a nip, sheez!


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