The difference between government and opposition

by NobblySan

I think  most people  are familiar with the case of Gary McKinnon, so I won’t give a whole heap of background.

His fight against extradition to the USA, where he faces the prospect of dying a lonely and unpleasant death in prison, has forced a test of the morals and integrity of the new coalition government.

When in opposition, both Cameron and Clegg spoke out in favour of McKinnon’s case, and publicly slated the now-redundant Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, for allowing McKinnon’s extradtion. In a predictable move, McKinnon’s legal team are now lobbying the new home secretary, Therea May,  to overturn her predecessor’s decision.

So, Messrs Cameron and Clegg, you are now in positions of power and authority; will you still object to McKinnon’s extradition if it is now your own cabinet member who is rubber-stamping it?

Tough decision, lads and lass, tough decisions. We’re all watching to see whether your previous stance was just empty rhetoric, and hence whether or not we can trust you.

9 Comments to “The difference between government and opposition”

  1. Well recalled nobbly, where does your vote/guess go for what libcon will do?


  2. I really don’t know, Dave.

    There will doubtless be plenty of such dilemmas for the new pals to face.
    Cameron referring to Clegg in his pre-election bullshit as a ‘political joke’ has already been dealt with in a low-key fashion, so I suspect the spin machine will be working overtime on other matters as well – this one included.

    To some extent, it’s up to disenchanted bloggers to keep things in the public eye.


  3. Good one Nobbly!!! personnaly i’d have employed the bugger to write my security systems!


  4. Guess I’ve been living under some rock – never heard of him – interesting case/cause, want to learn more. Looking into his eyes, bet I know someone similar. No, my land of the free and the brave has more than plenty of prisoners already (our drug, immigrant and skin color paranoias keep the system overfull), put ‘im to useful work there.


  5. Hmm, maybe they can stop the extradition and then get him to hack into the Government computers and reveal why the Government really released the Lockerbie bomber!!!!!!!


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