A brief tale of twisted morality

by NobblySan

or possibly subtitled: What a twat!

Hard on the heels of the news of the undoing of the moralising, shirtlifting evangelist George Rekers, we get this nasty, slippery piece of work to snigger about.

Enter Congressman Mark Souder, long standing campaigner for sexual abstinence, education about the same, and espouser of traditional family values. Check out his video interview with a member of his staff, where he moralises about the benefits of abstinence education. Check out also, the interviewer; she’s rather pretty isn’t she? Not that good ol’ Congressman Souder would notice though; he’s a solid upstanding churchgoing family man and public servant….. isn’t he?

Oh dear, what’s this? It turns out that the pretty staff member has a bit of a thing about hamster-cheeked pompous bastards, and good ol’ boss hog has been slipping her the odd length now and again.

Now then kiddies, how is he going to get out of this one?

As we’re checking things out, then why not also check out his wonderful resignation speech…it’s fair entertainment.

Close the door on the way out, Mark….. you twat.

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