Fancy Feast

by duncanr


10 Comments to “Fancy Feast”

  1. ‘if you can lie on the floor without falling off, you haven’t had too much to drink’

    ah ha, a kindred spirit!

    with that philosophy you’ll fit right in at madhatters


  2. “A kindred spirit.” Right. Absolutely. Spot on.

    (Does that taste like Rum, or more like Vodka ?)

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  3. Surgical spirit, more like.


  4. Oi . . . Fancy Feast !

    I’m Superglueman.

    Why didn’t I get a mention ?


  5. Hmm . . . now all that stuff about shagging around and being a feline femme fatale is all well and good, but . . .

    If you are to stay on the right side of the traffic regulations when in Nottinghamshire (or elsewhere in the galaxy) , then I suggest that you lay off the Scotch while driving and don’t let those tits obstruct your view of the road ahead.


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