I feel I owe you an explanation…

by NobblySan

As you have all (hopefully) noticed, I haven’t been around the blog world much recently.

Earlier this afternoon, I received an email from DaveH, kindly enquiring about my absence, whilst (him being a trick cyclist and all….) covertly and skilfully digging into the state of my mental health.

I started to respond to Dave by email, then out of courtesy included the other 4 MadHatters admins, then though “Bollocks to it – I’ll post it on the blog for all to see” – so here it is, starting with Dave’s email.
Oh, and by the way, if I’ve inadvertently offended anybody by either mentioning them, or not mentioning them, then I apologise in advance.

To: MicN
Subject: Nobbly and CBA

Hard not to notice that nobbly has been very quiet of late afer a dose of CBA… trust it has not developed into a case of POFE (pissed off for ever)?

Dave Hambidge

Hi Dave (and Hazel, and everybody else),

I hope that it hasn’t come to that, but at the moment the whole blogging thing just leaves me a bit cold.

The MH was always a bit of a transient thing – evolving as it went along, in terms of style, presentation and contributors. At the moment it just doesn’t grab me at all; merely a collection of obscure news articles from around the world, that are of no real interest to me.

Sorry Duncan, this isn’t meant as a swipe at you, and hopefully you know me well enough for you not to take it that way. I know that you are the only person keeping it afloat at the moment, and that you have been for some considerable time, in the face of a stiffer test of resolve and personality that I could ever stand up to. If I were given to wearing a hat, I’d take it off to you.

There have been two phases of the MH/Carmen’s Café that I have really enjoyed, and taken an active role in – one was when CC first formed, and we had daily active banter that at times evolved into what was almost a situation comedy script centred around ‘The Café’. The other was when we first picked up the Erskine-Kellie brothers, Jill, Walker, Woman In Black, Bruce Hood, and a bunch of other strangers too numerous to mention, and there was good lively interaction between a whole range of blogs. Since then, however, I have struggled to maintain an interest, and can’t really get into the spirit of what was once infamously described as the ‘Is it Friday yet?’ style of posting and commenting. I know it seems petty, but anything laced with LOLs, ROFLs, PMSLs and smilies really gets under my skin, and unfortunately for me, that’s what the MH has become.

I know that it’s still open to me to post stuff that is more to my taste and in line with my bizarre sense of humour, but that’s where the CBA kicks in…. I just genuinely Can’t Be Arsed.

Hopefully, (as I said to Duncan the other week) this will pass, and I can get back to being me, and carry on as before.

Meantime, I’ll continue to stick in the odd comment here and there whilst taking the Auld Cynic’s Fukkum Powders in liberal doses, and try to recapture the old me.

Thanks for listening.

29 Comments to “I feel I owe you an explanation…”

  1. Oh sh8te, I feel very guilty for provoking nobbly into public confession, sorry MIc.

    As I see it, and my opinion is just one IHTA, there are precious few real rules about blogging; some do it and shouldn’t, some don’t and should; many of us swim around the murky bottom of the blogolake passing the time until the great trawlerman nets us up for worm food.

    Phases come and go, just lurk and burp when appropriate, perhaps after a few doses of Bishops Finger interacting with the Fukkum Powders? Best to you and yours!


    • Oi! What did I say about not being offended?!

      I’m glad that you emailed me, Dave; it was just the prompt that I needed to make people aware of the reason for my absence. Not that I’m sure it’s a valid reason at all, if the truth be known.

      Reading my own bit of self-indulgent waffle made me flick through a few days’ worth of posts, and the more I looked, the more I realised that I was focussing only on the items that bugged me.

      I really do need to give myself a good talking to. My lack of tolerance is intolerable.


      • Enjoy the match… we will be watching a film via our newly installed BT vision film club; been to the cinema every night this week!


        • I may watch it if I’m around. I enjoy football (well, good football at least…) but can’t stand all the media hype and bollocks that surround it. In this instance I’m sure that the quality of the bollocks will outweigh the quality of the football.


          • You are not likley to be wrong; ITV started its prog at 1815hrs, damn kickoff isn’t until 1930hrs; how long is the actually match, something near the codswallop time?


  2. I understand completely, Nobbly. And it’s kind of you to let us know what’s going on. Some bloggers (who shall remain nameless) say they are going on vacation after strangling a co-worker and then just vanish with no explanation. The fucking nerve, I say. (Please note the missing “winky” emotocon, left out, as respect to you). The blogosphere is fun but sometimes a step away and a recharge can be the best remedy. And while I have no idea what on earth Auld Cynic’s Fukkum Powders are or is, I certainly hope you continue to enjoy them in liberal doses. So until then, know that you, and your hilariously witty and delightfully cynical comments, will be missed. But first things first – relax and enjoy. Thanks for sharing Nobbly. I’ll see you when I see you.




  3. Nobbly,

    I’m just new here, but if you take a look at my blog, you will find some *really* depressing posts. I pop over here expressly for a laugh, because I have got to lighten myself up, and I always do on this site. I have a varied blogroll and go to each and pretty much know the different writing styles that I will find on each–and that is why I love it–the variety.

    I’m happy to read whatever pleases you to write. My foremost rule for myself is to write what I want to write, not what others want me to write or what the status quo is writing.

    So get writing, Nobbly, and do your own thing.


  4. If something’s not enjoyable there is no point in doing it, Nobbly – it just becomes a tedious chore (a bit like work, only without the financial rewards)

    The MadHatters is just a diversion – concentrate on the really important things in your life

    Take care, mate !!!


  5. I used to hate the lols and the WTFs and 🙂 😦 but over the years it has crept in mainly because people can get easily offended if they think you are being serious and I was sick of explaining “I was friggin kidding” . Comments can so easily be taken out of context . It is merely used for readers to know the mood and intent of the writer. I can’t wait to the sarcasm icon is available.


      • I agree, loon

        In our normal ‘face-to-face’ conversations with one another, we make use of non-verbal clues to aid understanding of what has been said.

        If someone says something to us that’s a bit ‘off’ but winks as they say it, then we know they are pulling our legs and we don’t take offence.

        If someone says something a a bit ‘off’ to us over the internet, because we can’t see the facial expression accompanying that remark, we can’t be entirely certain – unless we know that person well – whether they are pulling our leg or having a go at us. So notwithstanding Mic’s dislike of them, I think smileys have a crucial part to play in easing social converse over the internet

        Mind you, even when you can see someone’s face, misunderstandings can still arise !!!

        I have a habit of making ‘tongue-in-cheek’ remarks with a straight face. Friends know that I am joking, but other folk often don’t. When I lived in Canada, folk just didn’t ‘get’ my sense of humour. Jeez, I was winding some folk up at a party once and for a week afterwards the buggers stalked me. I couldn’t go for a coffee or a piss without someone saying ‘I can’t believe you said those things last week. I always thought you were a nice guy . . . . ‘ I got so fed up with repeating myself – ‘it was a joke. I was winding you all up’ – that I resorted to just telling them to ‘F*ck off’

        Can you believe it, the buggers never invited me to any more of their parties 😯 😉


        • That’s fine Duncan; I can understand the reasoning behind the disgraceful yellow monstrosities, but it’s the overuse of them that really pisses me off. If all someone is doing, is giving a visual clue to their intention (a wink or a sly grin), then that’s fine; so why the need to string a load of the things together?

          Some comments look like they’ve got a bad case of some bizarre skin disease.

          As for txt spk abbreviations, I do use some myself.I’m not averse to the odd WTF or BTW, but that’s about my limit, as that accurately reflects what I was saying. I doubt that I ever, in reality, LOL at anything that I see on the internet, and I can safely say that I have never R’dOFL at anything, let alone P’dMSL – I still have a modicum of bladder control even at my advanced age. so, I don’t use those acronyms.

          Maybe my dislike for acronyms comes from my time working for a large American corporation; the bloody things were everywhere. One VP once remarked that there were “….too many TLAs in use in the organisation!” When asked what a TLA was, he sheepishly replied “Three Letter Acronym.” Pillock!


      • The introduction of a sarcasm emoticon would be the end of civilised society.

        If you have to announce that you’re being sarcastic, you just may as well not bother.

        Before you know it, there’ll be the use of pre-recorded laughter on cheap shit TV comedies to tell viewers when the scriptwriters think their work is worthy of a laugh….. errrr…..


  6. http://beartoons.com/2010/05/17/orgasm-emoticon/

    bearman did a fair job on this one, what about “asking” him to do sacasm?


  7. Let’s face it Nobbly, you’re just a miserable old bastard. 🙂 🙂 🙂


  8. Nobbly, I do feel guilty now as the regular visitor to hatters who has most used so many acronyms, in jest I, over the last 6 months. As I promised in one of my final posts at Hambo Central, Hazel has given me sufficient bollocking (which has nowcombined with yours) that I will not use them at Code Ochre/newaicthsee. Acronyms just confuse folks and really piss some off… sorry!


    • Dave. for fuck’s’ sake mate… be yourself.

      If you wish to use acronyms – use them. It’s your blog, your style and your sense of humour. To modify that just to comply with what you think other people want is living a lie.

      Do your own thing, and cobblers to everybody else; don’t let people like me push you down a road that you’re not comfortable on.


  9. Chill out Nobbly. If it don’t feel right don’t do it. I doubt you will be going far anyway. Maybe you need a holiday, lay back and take a break. Do what YOU want!

    My posts have gone down recently (again) but that’s because I’m doing other things, away from a keyboard. We all need a change of scenery sometimes.

    (TLAs LOL 111!!!eleventy-one!!!111)


  10. I don’t friggin miss you … you give me enough crap on Facebook to make up for your MIA here!


  11. All has been revealed.. I just went to FB trying to figure out if you’d “passed” and I hadn’t been invited to the funeral. So, glad to see you’re alive. And damned if you didn’t manage to get The Dog here.. kudos!
    Thanks for being so straight up about where you are. I have missed my conversations w/ you and many…all my fault for being too preoccupied to go out for a blog stroll.
    Feel free to come visit anytime should you want serious intellectual content!!! Ha Ha.
    Walker (I’m outing myself completely now!)


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