F*ck Off, WordPress

by duncanr

Let me say at the start of this rant that I think WordPress is a damn good blogging platform. But . . . .

Like most folk, my inbox – despite junk filters – still receives a load of crap emails every day. It’s just something I’ve learnt to live with and they’re now a minor inconvenience

What really pisses me off though are those annoying pop up boxes etc that congratulate me because I am the 1 millionth visitor to a particular site and as such I am entitled to a prize – if I just click here. Do I look like I was born yesterday ???

So ‘piss off’ WordPress. If you want me to take part in a ‘5 second survey’, then just ask. It’s simple enough to do

But . . . .

don’t insult my/our intelligence with some crap like “Congratulations, you win the prize! The chance to take our 5 second survey”

FFS, Joy (excuse the language, I know you don’t like it) – but don’t treat us WordPress bloggers like a bunch of fuckin morons !!!

We know we haven’t won a fucking prize. Jeez, what are you lot at WordPress. A bunch of fucking kids? We’re bloggers from all walks of life, all ages, vastly different life experiences. What we’re not is a bunch of recently graduated high school kids. So don’t talk to us like we are – with crap such as “Congratulations, you win the prize” πŸ™„

Either edit that Banner headline that appears every time I go to write a post to remove the shite about winning a prize or better still remove it entirely.

Thank you

P.S. If there is a level below “bottom-dwelling” on WordPress, then my apologies to the other Madhatter Admins – I think I have just dug a new pit for the madhatters to descend to πŸ˜†

8 Comments to “F*ck Off, WordPress”

  1. Those two yellow blobs did it for me…..


  2. Ah well, down to the depths we go …. at least we’re going together πŸ˜†

    My dad LOVES to click on those “1 millionth visitor – grand prize awaits” thingies – until my brother threatened to fire him for corrupting the office PC’s every day πŸ˜†


  3. I’ve been on WP now for 16 months and never had anything from them? no survey, email etc.. wonder if it’s just a British thing?


  4. I, personally, think it was a whisky overdose … but I’m not saying nuffink πŸ˜€


  5. A level under bottom-dweller … hmm .. BP executive?


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