C’mon Netherlands !!!

by duncanr

I’m rooting for the Netherlands to win the World Cup

Is it their exciting play, their swift attacking football from defense, their mastery with the ball, their skilful passing, their tactical knowhow ?

Er, not exactly . . .

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5 Comments to “C’mon Netherlands !!!”

  1. she can blow my vuvuzela anytime 😳


  2. Geez you DOM!!! I’m also rooting for Netherlands – but for an entirely different reason to you!! (They can speak my language and I can speak theirs HAHAHAHA)


  3. Didn’t David Cameron offer something similar to the England team?

    That certainly would explain a lot.


  4. Now that Japan are out of the frame – along with my chance of winning the work sweepstake – I’m backing Spain.

    This is just to prove a point, as I said they’d win it at the outset…nothing to do with trying to suck up to my boss who got them in the sweepstake.


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