Jam Rags and Pile Cream

by duncanr

Fans of the long-running ‘soap’ – Emmerdale – which is broadcast on UK TV are ‘shocked’, ‘disgusted’, ‘outraged’, ‘up in arms’ (you getting the picture?)

So what has got all these millions thousands hundreds fans upset? Why have they got their knickers in a twist . . . .

Well it seems one episode recently featured a scene in the Dingle family kitchen (for american readers who haven’t seen the show, the Dingles are a bit like the Clampettes, only a whole lot cruder and with none of their money)

A blackboard on the wall had a shopping list reminder scrawled on it with chalk. You know the sort of thing – rice, sugar, eggs, biscuits – oh, and two items that upset eagle-eyed viewers, ‘pile cream’ and ‘Jam Rags’ (the latter being a slang term for sanitary pads)

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when it appeared on screen”, said Sharon Kennedy, 26.

Read more here – http://tinyurl.com/32452bn


4 Comments to “Jam Rags and Pile Cream”

  1. bwhaaaaaaaaaaa. Strawberry jam, squire.


  2. Hahah.
    Have you noticed that down the side of the shopping list it spells ‘ARSE’?

    Everyone is too hooked up over ‘jamrags’ and ‘piles cream’ that they haven’t noticed that.


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