Strip Monopoly Bust Up

by duncanr

A naked Gary Williamson, 22, was arrested and charged with assaulting his girlfriend, Leah McDonnell and her friend Micha Robinson.

The charge arose from a game of Strip Monopoly – whereby each player removed an item of clothing in lieu of rent when landing on another’s property.

McDonnell (aka the battleship) apparently became upset at the way her friend Robinson (aka racing car) was flaunting her Community Chest at Williamson (aka the boot). Fearing the racing car was awaiting a Chance to . . .

seize the boot’s assets, the battleship launched a preemptive attack on the racing car.

The boot then became embroiled in the ensuing scuffle.

When the police arrived, a naked boot was hauled off to jail without passing go and charged with assaulting the car and the battleship. (The defence lawyer argued that his client was simply trying to separate the two girls )

Neither girl turned up in court to give evidence against McDonnell, prompting magistrates to dimiss the charges against him – giving him a Get out of Jail Free card.

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One Comment to “Strip Monopoly Bust Up”

  1. well…guess that ddidnt out as he hoped…haha


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