Save the Gurkhas

by duncanr

As the LibDemCon Coalition Government in the UK seeks ways to cut the country’s debt, one proposal it is rumoured they are considering is to scrap several Regiments – including that of the Gurkhas.

Fierce-some and loyal fighters, the Gurkhas have been part of the British Army for around 200 years. They have lain down their lives for this country but been shabbily treated in return.

Campaigners have fought to . . .

have them granted the right to a pension more in line with that granted to other UK soldiers – and for them to be given the right to reside in the UK.

Now a new campaign has been launched to prevent the suggested axing of the Gurkhas.

If you so wish, visit the website or join the Facebook group – for details of ways in which you can help to ‘Save the Gurkhas’


One Comment to “Save the Gurkhas”

  1. The British owe a lot to the Gurkahs, particularly during WW II .

    They were in effect the fore-runner of the SAS and it is amazing that their recognition took so long to come though; now to axe them is a further insult to them.

    Boy, has this Country got its priorities screwed up.


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