CIA Drone Software ‘Iffy’

by duncanr

The ‘alliance’ between Pakistan and the USA in the ‘war’ against the Taliban and Al Queda fighters in Afghanistan is an ‘uneasy’ one to say the least.

The USA is not popular with many Pakistani or Afghani citizens. A situation that is not helped by the CIA operated ‘drone’ attacks that are intended to target ‘enemy combatants’ but more often than not kill and injure innocent civilians.

The USA must be hoping then that . . .

the current court case between two companies responsible for writing the computer code that controls the drones does not become common knowledge in these countries – since one claim that has emerged during the hearing is that the missile targeting system software is a pile of shit.

O.K. I’m exaggerating. The actual admission is that there is a degree of error equivalent to 40 feet – not so very important when firing drones at a cave on the side of a mountainside or an isolated compound in the countryside but a different kettle of fish when aiming for a particular house amongst others in a village !!!

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One Comment to “CIA Drone Software ‘Iffy’”

  1. Horseshoes and hand grenades.


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