BBC Reporter has Hissy Fit

by duncanr

BBC Political Editor, Nick Robinson forgets the golden rule of live broadcast – keep cool !!

5 Comments to “BBC Reporter has Hissy Fit”

  1. Nick Robinson didn’t “loose it” while on-air. In fact he didn’t even LOSE it on air. He waited until he was finished and then did what should have been done years ago to this crowd and their stupid banners.

    Well done, Nick. You’ve gone up in my estimation. It’s tough dealing with the illiterate/politically ignorant. Think what it must be like for the poor politicians.


  2. That guy should be fired or censured or something. Totally inappropriate since the man wasn’t in front of him.

    As for the war in Afghanistan, it isn’t an illegal war. We did do a lot of good there. It is time to start withdrawing troops carefully b/c the Taliban are some mean dudes. Iraq was the ‘illegal’ war in my opinion.


  3. I think he was very cool, calm and collected about it. They had it coming.


  4. If you want someone to ‘lose’ it, it’s likely to be over the dodgy spelling ….. that’s one that’s guaranteed to get under my skin.

    I’m still waiting to see Nick Robinson lose it, or have a hissy fit. He behaved perfectly whilst on air, and as far as I’m concerned the only thing he did wrong was nicking someone’s placard, which he shouldn’t have done.
    The protesters have their views – he has his, but he was professional enough to not let his views interfere with his job.


  5. I like Nick Robinson. Personally, I thought his reaction to the placard waver BEHIND him quite amusing.

    Yes, he was professional enough not to react during the live broadcast. He himself admits, however, that he lost his temper.

    My own thoughts on the incident are that if you want to broadcast an interview with a political editor without the risk of that interview being ‘hijacked’ by a member of the public then save the taxpayers some money and broadcast the interview from a studio !

    If you choose to do a live broadcast in a public place (why? what was gained ?) you must expect and be prepared for members of the public to be attracted to your cameras and seek to use the opportunity to publicise their own views.

    And what did the guy do? He wasn’t violent or abusive. He waved his placard behind Robinson while he was broadcasting. Big deal. Hardly enough to warrant Nick’s reaction?


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