Church takes Hard Line against Erectile Dysfunction Ad

by duncanr

Libby Ashby has been barred from attending her local church because she appeared in an ad about erectile dysfunction.

Anyone think the church’s stance is justified – that the ad is pornographic or offensive ?

Or do you think, like me – that it is mildy amusing ?


4 Comments to “Church takes Hard Line against Erectile Dysfunction Ad”

  1. I think it tells you all you need to know about the sort of bigots who run churches.


  2. Just goes to show women would rather use men then abuse them.


  3. Don’t the know that acting is just that acting silly people.


  4. Ha Ha Ha Ha more than mildly amusing, absolutely hilarious. I believe that God has a sense of humour so it’s too bad some of the church leaders don’t. I guess erectile dysfunction is no laughing matter, but only those who have that problem, to everyone else it is most amusing & the butt of many jokes. Maybe the Priest that banned her has problems in that area


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