Happy Diwali

by duncanr

Today is Diwali, an important date for followers of the Hindu, Sikh, and Jain religions.

Equivalent to our ‘New Year’s Day’, it marks a new beginning, a fresh start.

Also known as the Festival of Light because of the the multitude of lamps that are lit, diwali symbolises the victory of light over dark, the triumph of good over evil.

Click here for origins of Diwali – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMjbhV3SdOM

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3 Comments to “Happy Diwali”

  1. How much you want to bet our conservative talk show hosts will be all over him for that?

    It’s speeches like this that reminds me why I voted for him.


  2. Well said, Lisa.

    As you probably know, I have a huge downer on organised religion, and all the division and strife that it brings to the world. However, if a bloke such as the president of the USA can make such a broadcast, whether it be from the heart or on the advice of his PR machine, then he should be applauded for it. It can’t do any harm or cause offence, except in the narrow minds of bigots.


  3. I am agnostic, but have learned a reasonable amount of information about most of the established religions, perhaps with the exception of Bhuddhism. At school we were taught comparative Religion, i.e. there is no absolute right or wrong religiion, just different beleifs and where they stem from and what there rituals are.

    I have to admit that I alway thought that Novemeber was an unlikely date for a festival light signifying a hope of the new year starting by getting lighter morning and evening. I would have thought that the most ovbious day would have been the Winter Solstice on the 21/22 December when evening start to get lighter. However, far from it be from me to dictate over an ancient relegion.

    With the exception of Christianity and Roman Catholosicm other relegions have different years which they are operating in; some as far as the year 5025. And afterall 1AD is just that : the first year that Jesus was born, so therefore proving that Christianity is a relatively new relegion. The fact that the world has accepted the Christian Calander as universal record of time for international treatises; in the same way as GMT was an agreed starting point for the revolution of the globe, which we all know has infinite longditude.

    So Happy Diwali to those who celebrate and follow that relgion and for those who’s New Years start at different times of the Solar Year, e.g. the Chinese celebrate the Lunar Year, so to all relegions, happy your New Year.

    (And incidentally it has been shown that Jesus was not acutally born in December it was just a convenient date for the Church to take as a cheer for the comming of the new (solar) year)


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