Too Sexy for a PC

by duncanr

are you going to come quietly?

Cathrine Ashima, a Norwegian nurse who works part-time as a nude model, has failed in her bid to become a police officer.

After sailing through the medical and physical checks, she fell at the interview stage when one of the women on the interview panel challenged her about her nude photo shoots.

Cathrine believes she was rejected because . . .

she was ‘too sexy’ for the role. The panel deny this and say they rejected her application because she demonstrated – amongst other things – ‘a lack of general knowledge’

Jeez, who knew police had to be clever ?

Hhmmm, can’t help feeling the panel missed an opportunity here to reduce crime figures in Norway. I’m sure there would not be much resistance from ‘villains’ if Ms Ashima asked them to accompany her to the station (or anywhere else) !!!

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3 Comments to “Too Sexy for a PC”

  1. “I’m too sexy for the force, too sexy for the force, too sexy of course …”


  2. This is just wrong. I too have been turned away from jobs because I’m “too sexy.” While they don’t exactly use those words, I know it’s exactly what they’re thinking.


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