When the Up Escalator is Down

by duncanr

When my life and well-being are foolishly endangered or threatened, then I become concerned and determined to do something

So said a traumatised rail commuter describing his terrifying ordeal when, on finding the ‘UP” escalators out of action, he and 4 other passengers tried to exit the Metro station by climbing up the stalled escalator – without the benefit of a rope to tie one to the other, crampons, pitons, or a sherpa to carry their briefcases

More here . . . http://tinyurl.com/2e548xs

3 Comments to “When the Up Escalator is Down”

  1. The tiny url link ain’t working. Not to worry I can picture the horror in my mind. Did they make it alive??? Or was the whole ordeal too physically demanding for them?


  2. I have to admit, it has always been a mystery to me why very deep stations always choose to stop the escalator which is going up, and yet keep the one going down running. Surely the obvious thing to do is to stop the escalator subject to inspection, and then reverse the operation of the other escalator in order that it goes up.

    Most people can travel downwards quite easily; but upwards is a challenge in terms of effort particularly if you are asthmatic or have othe physical difficulty. And given the depth of some of these underground stations 120 stairs is no mean feat. Even some very deep stations have to have lifts as an escalator cannot reach that far !

    So lets be sensible for a change.


  3. I know what Danny Boyle’s next movie is going to be about!


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