Pedophile Priests : It’s Our Fault

by duncanr

In his annual Christmas address to Bishops and Cardinals, Pope Benedict had a few words to say about the sexual abuse of children by priests that gained wide public attention during 2010.

The ‘humiliation’ the RC church had suffered worldwide as a consequence of the actions of a minority of priests, he said, should be a spur for the church to re-examine it’s teachings that had allowed such abuse to go on for so long.

The sexual abuse of children by priests, however . . .

had to be seen in a wider societal context. It was part of the ‘sexual permissiveness’ of the ’70’s that had made child pornography, drug use, and sexual trafficking to some degree permissible.

Representatives of abuse victims have dismissed the Pope’s comments as “absolute nonsense” – as a further attempt by the Pope to evade full responsibility for the actions of pedophile priests and the failure of the Church to help and support the victims of abuse, choosing instead to protect the perpetrators rather than risk damage to the good name of the church should the crimes be exposed.

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9 Responses to “Pedophile Priests : It’s Our Fault”

  1. I confess defeat. I cannot find the words to express the contempt and disgust in which I hold the Pope and his vile church. I do not understand how any decent person (Tony Blair for one!) can possibly continue to support this wicked and evil cult.


  2. I do not knw how the Church, Catholic Church, can claim to have any modern authority in the western world. It does as much damage as it does good. It does lots of valuable charity work in Africa, while at the same time tacitly encouraging people to have sex without condoms because it is morally better to do so then to prevent diseases. People are welcome and entitled to hold whatever beliefs they like. The problem is the moribund ‘executive’ lf the church which is intent on blaming others for their actions. Taking responsibiliy is something that most people learn by their late teens. To not have learnt this morallity by the time you are grey haired, suggests a debased social eduction which should cause your rejection from any moral authority!


    • Well said, Brian.

      They really are living in the their own little cocoon – perpetuating ancient and outdated values that serve no useful purpose to anybody other than the wealthy and powerful.


  3. Re-blogged


  4. This was posted by “Jake” on my re-blog of your original post:

    Stephen Fry’s demolition of the Catholic Church


    • Just watched this, Peter – Brilliant !!!


      • No1 son and myself watched it last night. Fry is an excellent speaker at the best of times, but on a subject that is clearly of importance to him, he’s outstanding.

        I was impressed with his separation of condemnation of the teachings and values (lack of?) of the RC church from the faith of individual believers within it. This is a moral standpoint that all in society, including an awful lot of bigoted atheists and theists could do well to adopt.



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