Traffic Light Fail

by duncanr

I hate getting stuck at traffic lights, especially when I’m in a hurry (i.e., late)

But can you imagine the chaos on the roads – especially with the volume of traffic nowadays – if we didn’t have traffic lights?

It would be, well . . . like driving in Johannesburg !!!

Seems the high tech traffic lights there are fitted with GPS locators and simm cards so if . . .

a light malfunctions a call is automatically made to a control centre to alert someone to the fault and it’s location.

Thieves, however, have been nicking the simms from the traffic lights and fitting them to their mobiles to get unlimited, anonymous, free calls – leaving Johannsburg motorists snarled in traffic jams

P.S. Not all traffic lights are fitted with the simms, and there is no outward sign to tell which ones are and which ones aren’t. Yet the thieves only ever ‘target’ the simm-fitted lights – hhmm, inside job, do you think ?

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One Comment to “Traffic Light Fail”

  1. If it can be stolen …. IT WILL BE STOLEN …. even if it cant ….. IT WILL STILL BE STOLEN …. this is Johannesburg FFS – whoever thought of this idea should be shot at dawn!

    Almost every single traffic light on my way to work is not working, but it’s not that easy to simply use it as a four-way stop … you see, we have the taxis to deal with as well, and if a taxi driver sees a robot is not working, they simply assume that they have right of way – you just better make sure you’re not in their way!

    This is why we sit for days and weeks on end without landlines as well, they steal the copper cables ……


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