Australian Floods : Pictures

by duncanr

See more pics here –

3 Comments to “Australian Floods : Pictures”

  1. One of my fav photos Duncan. True Aussie, off to have a BBQ 😦


  2. Hi, Duncan
    This is a great photo and we would like to use it in our next fortnightly edition, in a section called ‘Flood Stories’.
    Can you tell us the story behind the photo?
    If you allow us to use the photo, we would be happy to give you the credit you deserve.
    Gympie Life Newspaper
    Please note: The Gympie Life is a free community newspaper which operates from an office in Mary Street in Gympie. This office also went under about a metre of water in the recent floods.


    • Hi Karen

      The Madhatters deserve no credit for this pic. The original source was a series of 33 photos (No 22) of the flooding in Australia published by as one of their ‘big Picture’ features.

      See –

      If you contact them they may be able to give you some background to the individual photos.

      The caption to this particular pic is – Rodney Dowton ferries a boatload of kangaroos through floodwaters near Wellington, Australia. (AP Photo/Lake Burrendong Sport and Recreation Centre, Tracy Woods)


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