The tracks of his tears

by NobblySan

Of all the narrow-minded jobsworthy shite…..

Check this out.

Incidentally, is this Peter Reynold’s mate, Jim ‘Pinky’ Starr?

I’ve edited out some of the original post at this point after Jim’s comments. I can be a right pillock at times, and this was one of them.


6 Comments to “The tracks of his tears”

  1. they state that ”unlike Little Britain layabouts Lou and Andy with their catchphrase: “Want that one.” i cant see much problem with the story and yes i am peter renolds friend!


  2. what do you find wrong with the story, your the only one who has said something bad about this story in the sun. from the way i and others read it they are actually sticking up for me! unless im mistaken!


    • Hi Jim,

      Sorry… my mistake – I should have read the bloody article properly instead of jumping to conclusions. I’ll edit the post to save you (and me!) any embarassment.

      Incidentally, have they made any concessions about your chair, or are you still banned?


  3. Well, well you learn something everyday right enough – never knew you needed a licence from the DVLA to drive a tank. Does the army know ?


  4. Sometimes the law is an ass. Just use the “tank” and if the police stop you tell them you have been given special dispensation because your vehicle is in fact a prototype and you are in fact “test driving it”. (By the time they have checked you will be at the beach!)


  5. The smiles on Jim’s face and on his wife Emma’s and his children’s explain everything about why this is a mean and miserable decision.

    What! Someone enjoying themselves? Someone using unconventional means to improve their life? Stop them immediately! Put them back in their box before Dave and his poodle find out!


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