U.K., G.B., and England – Explained

by duncanr

14 Responses to “U.K., G.B., and England – Explained”

  1. Now just “puppet USA” would surfice.

    Robert the Bruce 1368 was right !


  2. Dunc if you get a chance stop by on wed. I’ll have a question posed based on this?


  3. Thinkng about it, nothing has changed, and is summed up in a sketch by Flanders and Swan, in their production:
    “A drop of another hat”. Bearing in mind this is in 1961, their sketch was about the difference about the various forms of address to this Island.

    “Have you ever noticed, that if some thing happens which is positive the newspapers headline: ‘Another triumpgh for
    Great Britain; if anything goes wrong , it reads ” England loses again” .

    So, nothing changes 50 years on.


    • When Andy Murray wins a tennis match, a mate (english) at work greets me the next morning with – ‘Our British tennis player did us proud yesterday’

      If Murray loses a match, I am greeted with – ‘that useless Scottish git let us down yesterday’ – again’



  4. Now it is Wednesday here. Don’t you know the United States is the Center of the Universe..haha


  5. Gosh, I need to take a breath!


  6. I am Welsh first and British second but equally proud of both.

    I own a rugby shirt emblazoned with “I support Wales and anyone playing against England” (Not actually true but it’s a sort of traditional joke).

    One final oddity – the English cricket team is selected by the England & Wales Cricket Board


  7. It’s a good thing you can spell..cos your cricket’s crap.



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