Daily Quote – 6 Feb 2011

by duncanr

A man needs a mistress just to break the monogamy

10 Comments to “Daily Quote – 6 Feb 2011”

  1. …or two?


  2. O.K. here’s my dilemma – at 11,30 I decided the best way to clear my head after last night’s massive drinking session was to have a ‘hair of the dog’, so I nipped out to my local asian corner shop and bought a bottle of red wine. Trouble is, I’ve finished that now. Do I nip back(it’s only about 100 yards away) and buy another – thereby ‘outing’ myself as a bit if a drinker – or do I, for the sake of my reputation in the neighbourhood, walk the much further distance to the asian corner shop at the other end of my street and buy my second bottle there instead ?


  3. I think you should go for a five mile walk instead Duncan!


  4. Do as I do, Duncan. Go back to the shop and buy another whilst muttering loudly about friends dropping in unexpectedly, or having accidentally knocked over the first bottle.


  5. Flipping heck Duncs …. the shortest route!! My bottle store knows me by name, before I’ve even got to the counter my case of Hunters is there waiting for me … if they don’t see me for a couple of days they want to know if I’ve been sick!!

    There’s only one bottle store in town that sells Bernini, I sent b/f there one day, they wanted to know if he was Julie’s husband (and they’d never seen him before LOL)!

    C’mon Duncs, don’t be shy …. off you go! (After a bottle of red wine you shouldn’t care anyway) 😆


    • 5 mile walk?

      Are you nuts ????

      It’s blowing a friggin gale here (besides I’ve already had the dogs round the park 3 times already today) – it’s hard to friggin stand upright in this wind!


  6. I chickened out, Jules – went to the corner shop at the other end of the street and bought a couple of bottles to save me having to go back at tea-time 😳


  7. Duncan, don’t you know what the best cure for a hangover is?

    Would you like me to recommend something?

    Can’t you guess?


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