Vatican’s Switch Witch Guide

by duncanr

The Roman Catholic Church is concerned about the growing number of people turning to witchcraft – (7,000 Brits identified themselves as Wiccans in the 2001 UK census.)

The popularity of the Harry Potter books and films, the Church believes, is encouraging youngsters to dabble in the ‘black arts’.

To counter the rise in paganism, the Church has . . .

published a booklet instructing the faithful how they should proceed if they should bump into a witch in a bar or a coffee shop etc.

The first step in seeking to turn these witches away from Wicca, it is suggested, is to strike up a conversation with them about some matter of mutual interest, e.g., the environment – Jeez, we Brits always start a conversation with strangers by talking about the weather so nothing new there then. It has to be said though that this new softly, softly approach of the RC Church towards witches is a vast improvement on their old practice of burning them alive !!!

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3 Comments to “Vatican’s Switch Witch Guide”

  1. Hubble bubble, toil and trouble
    Sod the Pope and bugger a muggle


  2. You know I am not convinced this is going to work….white pointy hats require constant cleaning, (Bad for the environment) black pointy hats….good for the environment!


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