Asteroid to Hit Earth in 2036

by duncanr

In 2004, NASA scientists announced there was a possibility that an asteroid the size of two football pitches was on course to collide with the Earth in 2029.

Russian scientists have refined those calculations and the revised date in April 13, 2036 (anyone know if that is a Friday?)

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In an attempt to assuage public anxiety, NASA has announced that . . .

it is by no means certain that the asteroid will hit the earth. The chances of it happening are an astronomical 1 in 250,000 (or to put it another way, 1 in 1/4 million)

Now that does sound like a pretty remote possibility – but to put those odds into perspective, the chance of winning the jackpot on the UK lottery (according to the organiser’s website) is 1 in 14 million. It is far more likely then that I’ll get hit by a great big f*cken asteroid in 2036 than win the lottery !!!

The Russians, say we shouldn’t panic – 2036 is a long way off yet so plenty of time to figure out a way to prevent the asteroid from colliding with the Earth.

Hhmm, again not very comforting but hey no point in worrying about something that might or might not happen in 2036. For if the Mayans are right, there’ll be no one here anyway after 21st Dec 2012 when the world ends 😦

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3 Comments to “Asteroid to Hit Earth in 2036”

  1. Why the bloody hell are big things always measured in football pitches?

    The other favourite unit of measure for height related issues is London Buses – why London?


  2. All they have to do is vaporise it with the hadron collider…


  3. I.m not ovely concerned, by that time I will be 72 years Old and the way things are going at the moment either in a secure home or have committed suicide, since there is nothing left here anymore.


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