Man Survives on Screen Wash

by duncanr

O.K. here’s the problem.

Your car gets stuck way out in the desert. It’s blisteringly hot during the day and friggin freezing at night. You’ve got a few scraps of food in the car but nothing to drink and there is no source of water anywhere near. How do you stop yourself becoming dehydrated and dying before you rescuers find you 5 days after you went missing?

Pay attention now (This could save your neck sometime)

You do what cunning auld coot Henry Morello (Hank to his friends) did !!!

84 yr old Hank missed his turn when driving home and got his SUV stuck in the desert way off the beaten track and miles from his intended route. It took rescuers 5 days to find him. He survived for that length of time by using the car’s screen wash fluid and a napkin to keep himself hydrated.

How many young whipper snappers would have had the wit to think of doing that ???

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2 Comments to “Man Survives on Screen Wash”

  1. This my Uncle – we’re so very grateful he’s ok and so proud of him for being a survivor!


    • Must have been a worrying 5 days for Hank’s friends and family

      Glad he was found safe – like I said, a very resourceful man. There’s not many folk (if any) that would have thought to do what he did in order to survive. And just as important as his clever ruse with the window wash was his decision to stay with the car and not wander off on foot in search of help !!!


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