Woman fights Tiger off with Soup Ladle

by duncanr

Anyone who thinks that women are ‘the weaker sex’ has never lived with one !!!

Even the meekest, mildest, gentlest of creatures will turn in seconds into a ferocious, wild beast to defend her loved ones if they are attack.

60-year-old Tambun Gediu can testify to the truth of this. He was hunting for squirrels in the Malaysian jungle when he was attacked by a tiger. As he desperately tried to escape the tiger’s claws, his wife – alerted to the danger by the tiger’s roar – dashed to his rescue and began whacking the tiger on the head with a soup ladle until the beast ran off.

Her husband suffered severe lacerations to his head and body during the attack but without the intervention of his wife he would most certainly have been killed

Source . . . http://tinyurl.com/4vfzx7d


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