Democrat Senators on the Run

by duncanr

It has gone almost un-noticed in the UK – so caught up have we been with events happening in the streets of Tunisia, Egypt, the Yemen, Bahrain, and Libya – but people have been gathering and camping out on the streets in Wisconsin

They are protesting about the Republican’s proposals to reduce the State’s budget deficit by . .
ending public-sector collective bargaining when determining pay, sick rates, holiday entitlements, and proposing that workers contribute more towards their pensions and health insurance. For 9 days, they have been gathered in the streets of the Capital, Madison. and show no signs of leaving.

Meanwhile, police are looking for the states 14 Democrat senators who have gone into hiding in a bid to prevent the controversial Bill being passed – (The Senate needs a quorum of 20 members to vote on legislation with budget implications and the Republicans only have 19)

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2 Comments to “Democrat Senators on the Run”

  1. I wonder if the Dems hiding out in Illinois are charging expenses back to the state.


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