Michigan introduces Financial Martial Law

by duncanr

The Republican Governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder, has steered through a bill that allows him to dissolve the elected governments of Michigan’s towns and cities, and replacie them with his own nominees who will have the power to eliminate services, merge or eliminate school boards, and lay off or renegotiate unionized public employees without recourse. These ‘managers’ will not be accountable to the electorate but will answer only to the Governor, (and there will be no limit to the salary they may draw)

Hhmm, goodbye democracy in Michigan and hello to the patronage and graft (corruption) more normally seen in the likes of Iraq and Afghanistan

Source . . . http://tinyurl.com/4jnw4qx

2 Comments to “Michigan introduces Financial Martial Law”

  1. America has never been the land of Democracy, if the truth be known. (Democracy is a Greek word anyway).

    The amount of brainwashing, and the gullibility of the average American is shocking, and it is a little contradictory for them to criticise other Countries about their Dictatorships, when effectively America is too. The average American has never been outside their County, let alone State or Country !

    Like this Country, they may have elections; but does any politican/party ever take notice or comlete any of the promises they made whilst pitching for the post?

    And as I have mentioned in other posts: it is odd that American only became interested in International Terrorism until the 9/11 incident; and of note that at the same time all the money dried up for the IRA: coincidence?


  2. All politics is about the exercise of power – the ability to make decisions that affect/control the lives of others. As such, anyone who aspires to be a politician should be regarded with the utmost suspicion !!!


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