Paisley Pensioner Rattled by Snake

by duncanr

O.K. here’s the story . . .

A Paisley pensioner, Dennis Mulholland, 67, went to use his loo for a piss and found a snake curled up in a corner of the room. He thought it was a toy someone had put there for a joke but when he poked it with the TV remote (he took the remote with him when he went to the loo ?) the . . .

friggin thing turned and looked at him.

The snake was eventually rounded up with the help of the Scottish SPCA – turned out it belonged to his neighbour in the flat above.

What really caught my attention and made me laugh though was not this story, but the photo accompanying it.

The photographer was obviously seeking to recreate for the camera Mr Mulholland’s facial expression when he first clapped eyes on the snake

Click the link to view the result –

4 Comments to “Paisley Pensioner Rattled by Snake”

  1. Cmon…give us your best Bela Lugosi look.


  2. Was it a one-eyed trouser snake?


  3. Yes, that photo *was* funny!! 😀


  4. No wonder the snake took off like a rat up a drainpipe. The look on Dennis’ face probably scared the daylights outta the poor thing.
    I wonder why he needed the remote in the toilet. Change the channels from the loo just to annoy his wife maybe???


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