Daily Quote – 20 Mar 2011

by duncanr

Religion is like a penis. It’s fine to have one. It’s fine to be proud of it. But please don’t whip it out in public and start waving it around. And PLEASE don’t try to shove it down my children’s throats.


4 Comments to “Daily Quote – 20 Mar 2011”

  1. I agree with you absolutely Duncan.

    If you look at History over the last 3000 years most moajor wars, and terrorist campaigns have been created by religion.

    I think it sums it up when the Bibile suggests.”…..fight the good fight”; and you have hymns as Fight the Good Fight; and Onward Christian Soldiers; we even have a Salvaltion Army !

    As you say it your releigion, your God so just keep the communication between you and that God. As for the “Born Again” Christians; they are probalby the most manipulative of all, and particularly braiwashing children. There is a documetrary I watched over the internet called “Jesus Camp”; and it was frightening.

    It was also attended by the parents of the Children and yet a lot of it played on emotional breakdown and “self -confessions” being forced on the children, comming up on stage to “admit their guilt” at been sinners etc. In fact in one section on mass they were all called upon to repeat some phrase as a “prayer” and it was done in such a way that some of the kids by the end were scremaing with hysteria. One child was actually having a convulsive fit, with his back on the ground and could easily have swallowed his tounge. Yet nobody did anything. Some of the Pastor’s helpers were actually going around whispering things in to the childrens ears, increasing the hysteria.

    What really crowned it was that she would actually video these events, and there was on part of the documentary where she was talking about conquering the world, and that only the Born Agains’ had the answer”; at the same time watching the video. One of the “observations she made of a small girl (about 8) who was clearly in a state of mass-hysteria, crying with arms up reached and screaming her head off. To quote the woman: ” …there she is, she’s not in a trance, she is fully aware of what is going on around her. She is just hooking up to God and pleading for forgiveness,….” and so so she continued ranting. This is to children, with their parents looking on in apparent approval, having religion shoved down their throat. This “Childrens’ Pastor” does actually admit, perhaps accidentally, that they deilberately “go for the children because they absororb “or nformation so easily”….” and we are saving them from the devil”. She even tries to compare Christianity with Islam, and arguing that only they (Christians) have the answer; and justifying that by saying that Islam encourages children to wear bomb belts to die for Allah.
    Even the narrator of the docmunetary expresses concerns about it.

    What was of interest was that the house in which she lived seemed to be very modern, well buiilt, what we English would call a four bedroom detatached house, and I would suggest more than a few hundred thousand Doallrs! . The Kitchen and the living rooms all seemed to have the recent technology including the TV and Radio. and judgeing by the size of the woman more than well fed. They even have Christian Radio Stations in USA, ramming it peoples’ throats; and I note that we have a station in the UK called “Christian Radio” as well .

    Yup: religion, one of the most dangerous forces in the world: and the most hypocritical.

    And they ram it down Childrens throats as they are the most easily manipulated.



    • I had two folk come knocking at my door yesterday, DC, wanting to ‘sell’ me their religion. I gave them my usual firm but polite ‘no thanks’ and shut the door on them

      Afterwards, it occurred to me that in all the towns and countries I’ve lived in, I’ve never had an atheist calling at my door seeking to convert me to their belief. Come to think of it, I’ve never had a jew, hindu, sikh, muslim, buddhist calling at my door as part of a drive to recruit more members – this activity seems peculiar to Christians ?


  2. I agree Duncan, it is true that you rarely if ever get people outside the Christian Belief assert their reliegion on you. In deed it is odd those people who claim to be Christians who are the one who want to “convert” other people to their reliegion.

    Like for yourself, if these people knock on my door, I just tell them that I do not discuss my religion and beliefs with third parties. On one occassion I did actually note that this particularl group of “Evangalists” having knocked on every door of our cul-de-sac, as the left the road, grouped together and appeared to be hanging their heads as if in Prayer. I assume that this was to pray for those who told them to go away, as they had not “seen the light”.

    So yes, it does seem to be a practice of the Christian sects.


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