Fukushima Fallout

by duncanr

A month after the earthquake and tsunami that wreaked havoc in Japan, there are reports that the country’s nuclear safety watchdog, NISA (Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency) is about to raise the severity level of the radiation threat from the current ‘5’ to ‘7’

Seven is the maximum point on the scale used to measure these threats and would put the Fukushima radiation leak on the same level as that of the 1986 disaster at Chernobyl.

A month has gone by and despite the heroic efforts of the workers who have sacrificed their own health for the greater good of their compatriots in an attempt to combat the radiation leaking from the stricken reactors, there appears to be little progress being made 😦

Source . . . http://tinyurl.com/3k7q6pr


2 Comments to “Fukushima Fallout”

  1. @Duncanr

    I’ve been really busy so unable to post updates here. Yes, sadly, the situation deteriorated further overnight. I have created a twitter feed and am posting all my alerts there. My username is barbara_volkwyn. I still have the gmail account bjvalerts but stopped forwarding email there a couple of weeks ago. After locking my tweets students asked for the updates so I re-opened them.


  2. @Alexis
    Touche! ..lately, ‘busy’ has been my middle name 🙂

    Re: Japan nuclear probs.
    I’m finding the whole crisis worrying., especially from media ‘broadcasters’ who tend to go off in tangents of fragmented opinions., yet is reported as bona-fide news.
    Too be honest, i too have thought of worse-case-scenarios, but can’t afford the stress. That apart, although the situation in Japan is still grave, i do think they’ll overcome the difficulties through their ingenuity & desire to solve.
    I’ve got to say that international support has been endearing. I feel proud & get goose-bumps knowing that humanity between ‘nations’ is abundant.



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