Chinese Bumper Car Move

by duncanr

O.K. ‘Hatters’, here’s the problem . . .

You’re trying to move two bright yellow bumper cars from one part of the city to another as cheaply as possible.

The solution ?

Well you could try what a chinese man did – drive the friggin things there, standing with one foot in each car to operate the gas pedal

And though he was stopped by the police when he was spotted, he was let off with a warning because there was no law covering this scenario under which he could be charged.

Hhmmm, couldn’t they had had him for not wearing a seat-belt ?

4 Comments to “Chinese Bumper Car Move”

  1. Gas pedal, Duncan? Gas pedal?

    Don’t you mean Accelerator?


    • I was going to mention that, but couldn’t be assed, I mean arsed.

      One minute the dozy auld bugger is talking about ‘bairns’, and the next he’s come over all transatlantic. I think it’s the drink that does it.


      • I think it was that spell living in Canada that did it.

        By the way, how’s your bum? Personally, I think I’d prefer the headaches.

        Regarding soft furnishings, I’ve just bought THE most devine cushions, in a kind of adorable orange-ish velour which will perfectly complement the soft colours I have planned for the boudoir and, and . . . catch up with you later mate, I’m off to the pub for a few bevies and, hey, maybe a fight, if I’m lucky.

        Rock on, Bro.


  2. He could have told the copper that they weren’t Bumper cars, (Dodgems, as they are known in English) but over-sized clogs.


    FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!


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