Polar Surprise

by duncanr

There’s nothing worse than noisy neighbours moving in to a previously quiet area and disrupting the peace.

Spare a thought then for a mother and her bairn who awoke from a nap to find . . .

a friggin oilfield construction site had grown up around them while they slept.

While the polar bear and her cub were surprised to awake from hibernation and find themselves surrounded by a bunch of oilfield workers, the workers were even more alarmed to suddenly find a polar bear and her cub in their midst. All work was stopped and the site hastily evacuated while they waited for the bears to move away from the area – which they did after first having a good mosey around

13 Comments to “Polar Surprise”

  1. I saw this on the news. Amazing! 😀


  2. For those who don’t know how to kill a Polar Bear . . .

    1/ Crawl out on to a deserted stretch of ice.

    2/ Cut out a large hole.

    3/ Retire behind a conveniently placed glacier and wait for an inquisitive bear to come along.

    4/ Run up behind the Bear and kick him in the Ice-hole.


    Il n’y a pas de quoi . . .


  3. Yaaaarrrggghhh !

    (But, nice one Nobbly)


  4. Sorry, out of Sync again.


  5. 30°C here at the moment, Duncan.

    I’m nearly tempted to put an ice cube into my glass of genuine Russian made in Spain Vodka. But then, that would dilute it.

    God, life’s a bitch.


    • yeah, it’s hard having to make do with vodka instead of supping a proper drink like whisky !

      Anyways, another 2 minutes and I’m outta here and heading for the M6 and the journey home where I’ve got a couple of bottles of Fursty Ferret waiting on me 😆


  6. Good God, man – are you gay?


    • I don’t think so.
      Although since giving up the boozy stuff, as well as the headaches stopping, I have noticed that I have started taking an interest in soft furnishings.

      Oh…. and my arse hurts.


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