Damn Duracell Batteries !

by duncanr

When neighbours were kept awake by the noise of what one described as sounding like ‘someone was using an electric drill’ through the night, they called the police.

Unable to get a response from the 23 yr old woman who lived in the flat when they knocked at her door, the police broke the door down to find the source of the noise that had kept everyone awake was . . .

a vibrator that was dancing about on the floor !!!

Seems the young lady in question had gone out for the evening without turning her vibrator off (either that or it had somehow switched itself on).

When she returns to the flat she will now be faced with a bill to replace her front door and the knowing smirks of her neighbours. I suspect the latter will be harder to bear than the former !

Source – http://tinyurl.com/44sxjd6

6 Comments to “Damn Duracell Batteries !”

  1. Was it a pink one? A friend wants to you….lol


  2. Oops that’s a friends wants to know!


  3. Guess it is better than if they discovered her still using it.


  4. I saw something like that on an episode of ‘COPS’ once.


  5. If the vibrator had the ability to turn itself on, maybe it snuck into the apartment as well.


  6. I experienced an embarrassing moment when i discovered that the squeaking noise i had been hearing for 2-weeks at my flat was not mice or rats, but just my neighbours ‘bonking’ away on their metal-framed bed.
    I cringed when i realised., especially because during my 2-week vermin-paranoia episode, i had been banging walls everytime I heard the ‘squeaking’.
    I did eventually explain and apologise. ๐Ÿ™‚


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