Pak ‘n Scram

by duncanr

It makes me look a bit of a dickhead

So said the manager of the “Pak ‘n Save” supermarket in Hamilton, New Zealand, after a computer error opened the doors and switched on the lights of the supermarket on Good Friday when all the staff were enjoying a day off.

The shop quickly filled with shoppers.

When they reached the checkouts and realised there were no staff present, some customers did . . .

a runner with their ‘purchases’ while others used the self scan facility to pay for their goods – until someone tried to pay for alcohol (which requires a staff member to check ID) and the computer shut down the scanners.

The store manager is asking those who took goods without paying for them to pay for them now – promising that any cash he receives will be donated to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal

View video here –

12 Comments to “Pak ‘n Scram”

  1. Don’t those things have alarms in them.


  2. I’m interested in how many shoppers will return to pay.


  3. Let me be honest here …. I would’ve have probably gone back into the store, and loaded a couple of trolleys more …. and no I wouldn’t have returned to pay for the goods. You don’t get freebies often in life, take them while you can! 😳


  4. Supermarkets have brought this upon themselves. Too busy cutting corners, in the name of effieciency. at my local supermarket, 4 tills have been converted to “self-service” tills, where the customer scans a pays for the products themselves.

    This has cost 8 jobs. but ironically, the amount of shop-lifting has increased. So for the cost of 4 jobs it actually costing more than that in shoplifting. Serves the buggers right !

    The same thing has happend in Banking, which in case retail banking has become that: retailing a “product”- no wonder the Country is in a mess !


  5. I used to work in security and I can tell you that the cameras are always on.


    • Yes, Big Brother, really is watching YOU !

      Funny though whenever anything goes wrong a memeber of the public or staff is injured these Cameras never pick those things up. It is usually a member of staff on the floor that has to notify you in security that an ambulance needs to be called?

      So where were your bloody cameras then ?


    • Oh, oh. Now I’m worried! I’ve been undercover blog posting!


  6. Okay, okay…
    I’ll bring the stuff back.
    Some of it.


    • No way spilledinkguy … I don’t believe you …. you’ll be charging down the road with those trolleys like a bat out of hell …. with me close on your heels πŸ˜† …. and we wouldn’t return ….


  7. Remember! Posession is 9 – 10th of the law ….. those goods are in MY grubby paws now, no-one stopped me SO THEY’RE MINE!!!


    • Julie, it wasn’t the grubby paws we were worried about.

      It is the grubby result of consuming said groceries: ask Anglian Water .


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