Bearman’s 2011 Charity Challenge

by duncanr

Yup, it’s that time of the year again, folks, when ‘talented cartoonist’ – Bearman – dips his hand into his pocket in aid of charity.

The 1st year of the Challenge raised $336 and the 2nd raised $630. He’s clearly on a roll and is aiming to raise $1000 this year – the first $500 of which will go to the Cincinatti Freestore Foodbank. (anything raised over $500 will be donated to the Red Cross).

For tight wads like me . . .

(well I am a Scotsman, after all) the appeal of Bearman’s Challenge is that I can ‘donate’ money to charity without it costing me a penny. Just by mentioning his challenge in this blog means Bearman undertakes to donate $10 of his own money to the Challenge.

Writing about his challenge in your blog, adding him to your blogroll, liking him on Facebook are just a few of the ways you can help reduce his bank balance.

Visit him here to find out more –

4 Responses to “Bearman’s 2011 Charity Challenge”

  1. I try to make giving to charity easy for the cheap and lazy. Thanks so much Dunc.



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