Stolen Sausages found in Grave

by duncanr

Krystof Dzielekci, 35, and his 59-year-old father Leon are facing 10 years in jail for stealing some beer, fags and sausages.

If you’re thinking that seems a pretty harsh sentence for what they stole you’d be right.

The reason for the stiff sentence is not for what they stole but for where they hid their loot . . .

Whereas conventional grave robbers break into tombs to remove all or part of the deceased buried there, our two hapless robbers dug up the grave of Krystof’s grandfather not to remove anything but to hide their loot in his coffin.

As a police spokesperson said –

It was a good hiding place, but you’d have to be pretty hungry to want to eat any sausage once it’s been down there with your grandfather’s body

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3 Comments to “Stolen Sausages found in Grave”

  1. Hey, they’re just doing what all humans have done for most of our species’ history–including food and other gifts in graves for the hereafter. They just waited too long, that’s all!


  2. Gotta give them points for ingenuity


  3. Brings a new dimension of the game between husband & wife/girlfriend “hey, lets play hid the sausage” .


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