Botox Mom : It was all a Lie

by duncanr

The Sun newspaper in the UK recently carried a story about an american mum who injected her 8 yr old daughter with botox to improve her performance in child beauty competitions.

The Sun’s story was picked up by the US media who interviewed the woman on TV.

Such was the public shock and horror at the idea of a mother giving an 8 yr old girl botox (the mother administered the botox herself) that child welfare officers removed the girl from her mother’s care.

There is a twist to this story, though . . .

the girl has been returned to her mother after she signed a sworn affidavit that she had made the whole story up, and medical checks found no evidence that the daughter had ever been given any botox.

Why did the mother do this?

Sheena Upton claims the Sun Newspaper approached her and paid her $200 to play the part of Kerry Campbell – a mom who injected her daughter with botox.

She says – “I was provided with the story, instructions and a script to follow for a recorded interview.

Source –

Is the mother telling the truth now? Is this botox ‘story’ just a made-up piece of news to fill some column inches in the Sun?

Who knows – but those of us in the UK who are familiar with the Sun ‘newspaper’ would not be surprised if it was !!!

3 Comments to “Botox Mom : It was all a Lie”

  1. Does anyone believe anything that is written in the SUN; come to that Daily Mirror, Dailiy Express, or the Daily Mail.

    All propaganda machines for whichever Government is in power.


  2. Maybe they should inject the editor’s brain with some botox.


  3. I wouldn’t either! I understand that the “Sun” is the British equivalent of the “National Enquirer”–am I correct?


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