Rapture Fail : Reasons/Excuses

by duncanr

We’ve all had a lot of fun (me included) at the expense of those deluded souls who believe the Bible to be the word of God, 100% accurate and 100% reliable and on that basis predicted the ascension of the chosen few into heaven at 6pm local time today.

There’s a part of me feels sorry for folk who believe such nonsense – though that sorry is strained by . . .

the fact they are so arrogant as to believe that they are amongst the chosen few who will ascend to heaven.

Come tomorrow, when nothing has happened and they are still earth-bound they will have some difficult questions to answer.

Since no one likes to think they have been a fool, it is unlikely that any will admit that the ‘rapture’ idea was a load of bullshit and they were idiots to have swallowed such nonsense. How then will they respond when asked ‘What went wrong?’

Here’s my prediction of possible answers they may give. Click the one you think most likely – then compare your answer with that given by the ‘rapture folk’ tomorrow

18 Comments to “Rapture Fail : Reasons/Excuses”

  1. I’m sure the response is going to be a variant of the “we miscalculated the date” answer. The question is, how do you spin it in such a way as to maintain your leadership role in spite of having just admitted that you’re “only human” after all?


  2. We’ve had this ” The World is come to an end business” about 30 years ago.

    I think we’re safe for the next few million years ! That is when we are due to move close enough to the sun fro it cause any problem.


  3. Jesus Christ – it’s just turned 6.02 pm here in the UK and bugger all’s happened !!!

    Or if it has, it hasn’t involved me 😦

    Ah well, looks like there’s no place in heaven for a drunken auld reprobate like me (hic)

    Am I bovvered?

    Am I ?

    Am I ?

    Do I look bovvered ? 😆


  4. To answer the question about the bottles and which are more fun: ALL OF THEM Hic .


  5. “…they are so arrogant as to believe they are amongst the chosen few who will ascend to Heaven.”

    Excellent point!


  6. I guess the glass was really half full.


  7. It’s quite ironic! in a roundabout way ..the hard-core believers world probably does seem like ‘their’ really now has come to and ‘end’, which in a peculiar way validates the ‘rapture/end of the world’ prediction,(albeit a ‘rapture’ of shocking disappointment, followed by denials, deviations & suicides)


  8. Wouldn’t have missed this for the world. Still not much on the net about the disappointment of the believers SUC…KERS. Lol.


  9. I suspect they’ll tell us that because they prayed so hard for humanity (themselves in particular), the Powers That Be were merciful enough to give us a few extra years.


  10. Well we are still her in Tasmania as well


  11. Ha Ha Ha Ha;

    It is Sunday ay 10:00 and just had Jhova’s Witnessess call on me.

    Just told them it is thier relligion not mine and laughing closed the door.


  12. I’m still here but as I told the Loon, living in Cincinnati, everything happens late so I am taking funding to build a giant house for all of you to come.


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