Rapture Fail : Camping goes Missing

by duncanr

The auld coot was plastered all over the media in the days, weeks leading up to his self-declared rapture date.

Now that the supposed happening has come and gone with nothing happening, it would seem only fitting that Camping should address his followers at least, especially those gullible enough to have spent their life savings preparing for the rapture, to explain what went wrong. Yet Camping has gone to ground, is strangely silent.

If he is having trouble . . .

composing a suitable apology to all those folk he deceived with his arrogant claim to know the Lord’s intentions perhaps he could use this template to frame a suitable apology. (Click on pic to enlarge)

Meanwhile, all those foolish people who believed this man would do well to reflect on the message of Mathew 7:15 – ‘beware false prophets’

7 Comments to “Rapture Fail : Camping goes Missing”

  1. OMG that’s hilarious. Everyone should have a stack of these on their desk!


  2. It’s the legal papers he should be scared of now!!!!!


  3. Check out some of the poor(er….) deluded bastards in this BBC article.


    One retired bloke has spent $140K of his savings on advertising this scam, whilst another bloke showed a real lack of commitment by taking a week off work to travel to Camping’s base.

    A week off work?! WTF……..

    He must have had more than a bit of a suspicion that he would need a job to go back to, or he’d have shown some faith and resigned outright.

    As Loon suggests; someone has made a bloody fortune out of this lot, and not just the bloke who collected 200 lots of $135 (non-refundable) from gullible fools by setting up a post-rapture pet care business, promising to look after people’s pets if they got whisked off to meet their invisible friend.

    Camping has a lot to explain.


  4. I just can’t digest how these people were sucked in.

    Aswell as ‘Camping’ et al, who could now be somewhere on the Costa-del–Dodge, these ‘believers’ really need to answer some questions about their own rational-abilities.
    I find it worrying that these people can be caught up in such a ‘rapturous hysteria!'(wink!) about ‘the unknown’ or ‘the because-somebody-says-so!’ scenario.
    The disappointment will have given their ego a brutal ‘chop’, which is what usually happens to folk who fantasise about being ‘meek as a lamb’ (excuse pun! 🙂 )


  5. Maybe Camping was the only one taken up in the Rapture? (One can hope).


  6. Camping’s gone camping–probably at a posh resort somewhere. I know I shouldn’t judge, but the Rapture would be likely to occur before Camping apologized.


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