More Bullshit from Camping

by duncanr

They say there’s no fool like an old fool – and Harold Camping, 89, certainly deserves that description.

Unabashed by the failure of his prediction that the ‘goody-two-shoes’ would be lifted up to heaven on May 21 leaving the rest of us unworthy, unwashed ones to dwell in misery here on Earth for another 5 months – enduring all sorts of horrible, nasty, ‘natural’ disasters until the Earth disappears in a puff of smoke on Oct 21 – ‘Calamity’ Camping has a new message for the world . . .

The Lord will still destroy the Earth and all living creatures upon it on Oct 21 but being the merciful, loving deity that (s)he/it is, God won’t subject all those who are doomed not to enter the kingdom of heaven to 5 months of torment beforehand. Instead, we will all (sinners and saints) be killed on the same date.

Now perhaps it is because I am one of those destined not to ascend to heaven, but I honestly couldn’t give a shit about this end of the world nonsense. Come Oct 22 I will open a bottle of wine in hope that yet another failed prediction will finally shut up this deluded old man. What I will not be doing is spending the next few months worrying whether or not I am to be saved. And I suspect I am not alone in that category. The only people likely to do that are Camping’s followers.

What Camping’s message to his followers then boils down to is this – a merciful God would rather impose a further 5 months of anguish (wondering if they really are amongst those to be lifted up to heaven) on Camping’s followers than cause any distress to the majority of us who think Camping is talking through a hole in his arse.

It is a strange God that Camping follows – one that thinks more of the welfare of disbelievers than of his/her/it’s followers !

8 Comments to “More Bullshit from Camping”

  1. He is 89 years old….I think he keep biding his time.


  2. Hmm, another opportunity to make a few more millions!!!!


  3. He got a rebate from the tax office…


  4. Ha! “Come Oct 22 I will open a bottle of wine”….

    So, just a normal breakfast, then.


  5. I suppose if Camping’s god wanted to spare us all some torment, he could arrange for the dozy old git to get run over by a bus.

    Mind you… this is all rather entertaining for those of us who aren’t gullible enough to have actually financially ruined ourselves and our families by taking this old fraudster’s stuff seriously.


  6. I think dear old Mr Camping is a candidate for a white huggy jacket!


  7. At 89yrs old, he’s probably very much aware of his own predictable destiny ie: ‘the end is nigh’ ..and with an ageing mind, could have crossed-wired this ‘perception’.
    It’s possible the dates that he’s been stating are his subconscious predictions for his own death.
    Or perhaps at his age, and nearing the end of his time, he’s decided to have one last performance & bow out, ‘hood-winking’ the ‘hood-winkable’!
    (if this were to be true, i’m not sure if a 🙂 would be appropriate, but I would 🙂 nevertheless)


  8. This guy’s unbelievable! What must we do to be saved from him, and others like him?


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