Cyclist vs Bus

by duncanr
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4 Comments to “Cyclist vs Bus”

  1. Believe that said…BUS LANE dumbass.


  2. Sorry Mr Cyclist, but contrary to popular beleif YOU ARE requred to comply with the Road Traffic Acts and Highway Code (RTA).

    Cycles are entitled to use Bus Lanes, but that does no mean that you have absolute right of way; far from it. Remember the Bus, indeed any HGV is bigger than you and IT WILL WIN.

    The same goes or the cyclists (mainly so called couriers) who seem to think that it is OK to jump traffic lights, ignore Pelican Crossings, and cycle across Zebra Crossings, when there are pedestrations are using them; swearing at the Pedestrain to get out of the FKIG WAY YOU CNT ! Despite the fact that the cyclist was completely in the wrong.

    I notice that the Police are very good at arresting car drivers for the slightest breach of the RTA; and yet Police and other enforcement parites including those monitoring CCTV ignore these Cylcepaths [sic]; and gives those people the impression that they are absolutely “bomb proof” and indeed Red Cycle Lanes are marked in Red; as the persons supposed to use them are usually red faceed psycopaths. These are the same cyclists who swear at drivers who have sounded their horn to warn the cylist that they are cylcing dangerously, to be given two figures.

    Perhaps it is time that the National Cycle Proffeciency Tests (RoSPA) Was made compulsory for adults as well as children.
    It is of note that the CCTV does not pick up these errant cyclists, but the passage of the car or motor cyclist who ahs been cut up by said Cyscopath [sic]. Perhaps the time has come that Cycle Couriers were licensed, and required to show at least the equvalent of RoSPA and carry proffessional insurance.


    • I don’t mind cyclists queue-jumping or going through red lights – if they do it carefully and safely.

      Unfortunately, the toerag in this video clip is more typical of the breed.

      Too many cyclists these days seem to think that they have an unalienable right to do as they please, whether it be carving up traffic and pedestrians, or chopping down trees and demolishing walls in order to destroy beauty spots to build cycle trails. ( a bit of a sore point for me – this one.)


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