Snake Bites Good Samaritan

by duncanr

Me Bad ?

A New Jersey man was driving along Route 679 when he spotted a rattlesnake trying to cross the road (why it should want to do that, I don’t know – perhaps it was following the chicken ?)

Concerned for the safety of the snake, the man stopped his car and got out the vehicle to try and prevent the snake being hit by oncoming traffic

He tried to . . .

pin the snake down with a stick but when he reached to pick it up, the bugger bit his hand – necessitating a call to paramedics and an airlift to hospital for treatment.

Source –

P.S. a hospital spokesperson said the man’s condition is not life-threatening
P.P.S. the snake is believed to be O.K. too

3 Comments to “Snake Bites Good Samaritan”

  1. “P.P.S. the snake is believed to be O.K. too”….living out eternity as the man’s new boots


  2. Guess the snake was never told not to bite the hand that saves it.


  3. Sounds like a member of PETA–such animal do-gooders are clueless about the animals they condescendingly try to protect!


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