Hell Hath no Fury . . .

by duncanr

A woman in Northern India caught her husband cheating on her with one of his colleagues at work and . . . well watch the vid and see

[thanks to Alexis for finding this]


15 Comments to “Hell Hath no Fury . . .”

  1. Hell yes!!! You GO girl ….


  2. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned is indeed true. Here in America, the police would definitely have broken that up, and quickly.


  3. How humiliating and degrading to be beaten with a high-heeled shoe, by a woman half your size.

    Hell, I’d pay good money for that.


  4. I must admit I did not watch the whole video yesterday, but found it rather funny that the wife used her sandal. Having watched it now, er….it certainly did get ugly. Why do women & men usually pull at someone’s hair during a fight?


  5. Heck, I cannot see a heel, looks like a flat sandal. Tonight in SA, ‘Cheaters’ begins at 9:30pm. I usually change channels due to the violence and I thank God that I am single.


  6. @NobblySan

    Lol !! I thought she was kidding !


  7. @NobblySan

    No man and I mean NO MAN is worth fighting over or fighting for. I abhor violence…best to pick up your marbles and walk away or as I did a few years ago, run away !


  8. @NobblySan
    I dreaded checking my emails this morning because I feared a swipe from Julie!


  9. @Julie

    Must admit I miss your sense of humor on this blog. I guess you are responding to the threads that I haven’t subscribed to 😦


  10. @Duncanr

    Thanx for the info. Hope she’ll be back soon.


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